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Different types of bathroom mirrors

Various classifications of bathroom mirrors
This can be classified according to its function. Some are movable, some are fixed. The movable part can be tilted and moved in all directions. It can be moved to different locations in the room according to the user's convenience. Fixed mirrors are permanently attached to the bathroom wall. These are more practical and practical. It is usually attached to a cabinet or door in a room.
 Various types of bathroom mirrors are available today
Cabinets: One of the most popular and mostly used mirrors includes cabinet mirrors, which are very functional compared to other types of mirrors used in bathrooms.
LED: The latest mirror varieties include bathroom LED mirrors that are cost-effective compared to regular mirrors. LED mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes to suit individual use. In addition to these unique features, LED mirrors are known to last a long time.
Heated: Many people like to use a heated mirror because it removes fog. It also helps reduce the formation of bacteria on mirrors. These mirrors are commonly installed in restaurants, hotels and hospitals. It is also called an anti-fog mirror.
Wooden: In addition to the above-mentioned types of mirrors, wooden mirrors are also widely used in most homes today. Most of these mirrors exude sophisticated glamour and elegance. It has a unique aesthetic and class that suits any type of decor.

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