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Do you know how to choose a faucet?

Here are a few tips for choosing a faucet to help you choose the right faucet.
See: Plating Gloss
The surface gloss is very uniform, without any burrs and pores, without blisters, cracks and oxidation spots. After touching it by hand, it basically leaves no traces, and the gloss is relatively bright.
Weigh: The weight of the faucet
The shell of the main components of a good faucet is generally made of copper. Copper has strong plasticity, is easy to form and electroplating, and has good quality. The specific gravity of copper is large, and it looks heavy and textured in the hand, while the zinc alloy material has a lower density and feels lighter. Therefore, the weight of a faucet of the same size can be compared.
Identify: the material of the faucet
It is best to choose brass faucets, followed by stainless steel, do not choose zinc alloy, because zinc alloy is not corrosion-resistant, easy to precipitate heavy metals, endangering human health. We can observe the color of the inner surface of the faucet to judge its material. The color of the inner cavity of the zinc alloy faucet is dark yellow with white spots, and the color of the inner cavity of the copper faucet is yellow.
Test: the foaming degree of the water flow
You can feel the water flow when you touch it with your fingers, and the water flow is soft and foaming, indicating that the quality of the faucet aerator is good.

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