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Do you know how to distinguish different materials from bathroom cabinets?

At present, the bathroom cabinets in the market are mainly classified according to their materials: solid wood bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets, plywood bathroom cabinets and stainless steel bathroom cabinets.
And the main differences between them are as follows:
Solid wood bathroom cabinet: It is mainly produced with domestic and imported rubber wood, and the surface paint is PU and PE. Guangdong products mainly use PE paint, while Zhejiang uses more PU. The quality of the board is mainly distinguished by the dryness of the board. If the dryness is good, it will not be easy to crack after the paint is done, and the dryness is poor. It is easy to use in use. cracked. The performance of PE paint is better than that of PU, and the relative price is also a little more expensive. The assembly process is mainly tooth bonding. Instead of gluing with flat lead nails. Therefore, this is the basic difference between good and bad solid wood cabinets, and also the difference in price.
PVC bathroom cabinet: In the process of solid wood cabinet, it does not crack, but it is easy to deform during use. In particular, the door panel appears warped after a certain period of time, and the closing is asymmetrical. The surface color is prone to discoloration during use.
Plywood bathroom cabinet: The production process is the same as the solid wood structure. After painting, it will not be deformed during use, and the color will not easily change. The weight is heavier than the general material products. The price is also cheaper than the above two products.
Stainless steel bathroom cabinet: It is a new product that has been produced in recent years. It combines the advantages and disadvantages of the above three products. However, due to the poor material strength, the punching resistance is weak. The price is relatively high. However, in the bathroom cabinet, due to the high amount of moisture, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, beautiful and durable, which is the biggest concern of users who are willing to spend money.

Bathroom Sinks GGM12
16mm plywoodcabinet , design same as photo ,1 soft closing door and 2 soft closing drawers,with ceramic basin
4 mm silver LED mirror
Size :main cabinet: 100*46 cm
side cabinet: 40x20x65 cm
mirror: 90x55 cm


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