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What are the advantages and disadvantages of PVC bathroom cabinets?

Advantages of PVC bathroom cabinets: The bathroom cabinet of this material is made of chemical sheet-PVC as the main raw material. Its biggest feature is that it is very soft, which makes the PVC bathroom cabinet lighter than other materials, so it is easy to move and not easy to move. cause scratches. It's more water and moisture resistant, so don't worry too much about it being disturbed by mold like wood. It is less affected by the bathroom environment, relatively more stable and durable, does not crack, is easy to clean, and has a longer life. Finally, PVC bathroom cabinets are more affordable than most other material bathroom cabinets, and the price is relatively lower.
However, PVC bathroom cabinets also have many shortcomings that cannot be ignored, so people need to consider more when purchasing, and determine whether PVC is suitable for their own use according to their own conditions. So, what are its shortcomings?
First of all, because it is made of chemical board, it contains relatively high formaldehyde, and it contains additives and plasticizers, which may contain certain toxicity, so it is not as natural and environmentally friendly as wood, and it is necessary to find ways to promote formaldehyde and other toxic substances as soon as possible. The release dissipates, otherwise it is best not to use, especially if there are elderly and children at home. Second, it's not very elastic, so it can't bear heavy items, so as not to break. Third, it is prone to fading, which affects the overall appearance. Fourth, it has poor high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, because the toxic substances in it are more likely to volatilize in a high temperature environment. In fact, the most important thing to choose a PVC bathroom cabinet is to consider its quality, it is best to choose a big brand product. Such materials are processed by advanced technology, and the environmental protection performance is more guaranteed, so as to avoid harm to health.

pvc cabinet modern bathroom GGP02
15mm pvc cabinet as photo ,with 4 soft closing doors and 3 soft closing drawers , with glass countertop and ceramic basin
4 mm silver mirror
Size : cabinet : 150*50 cm  mirror :120*60 cm
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